A campaign to improve online coverage of Pakistan's natural sites

Wikipedia Loves Northern Pakistan, part of the international annual photography competition Wiki Loves Earth, aims to improve illustrations in Wikipedia articles about Pakistani naturally significant sites, & helps preserve the country's natural heritage by encouraging people to take photographs & upload them to Wikipedia under copyright-free license.

For the third time in a row, Wiki Loves Earth is back in Pakistan, and we want you to be a part of it. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds & experience levels are invited to enter the Wikipedia photography competition around natural heritage of Pakistan.

2017 Wiki Loves Earth is now open and accepting submissions until May 30th

Campaign organised by Saqib Qayyum, with the support of Wikipedia, the 5th most popular website worldwide.


Wiki Loves Earth is sister photo contest of Wiki Loves Monuments.

Countries participating in Wiki Loves Earth 2017

Organised for the first time in 2013 in Ukraine as pilot project, Wiki Loves Earth photography competition has grown tremendously over the years to involve more than 35 countries around the world. In just 4 years, the online competition organised worldwide by Wikipedia, the sixth most popular website in the world, attracted nearly 25,000 participants who uploaded nearly 285,000 photographs of naturally significant sites under a copyright free license, many of which are now being used to illustrate relevant articles on Wikipedia which are viewed by millions of readers every month.

The purpose behind the competition is to gather photographs released under a free licence that enables their free use worldwide. The goal of Wikipedia is to make knowledge available to the world for free, and since natural heritage is part of knowledge, Wikipedia want to gather and release to the world free, usable photographs of natural heritage.

This year is the third time Pakistan has entered the competition that began on May 1 and will run until the 30th. Pakistan is home to several beautiful natural landscape that have even drawn foreigners towards them. Hence, there could be no better opportunity for anyone with a camera to capture these sites through their lens and show the world what we’ve got.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the campaign by uploading photos they've taken of natural sites throughout Pakistan. Once May is over, the best photos will be submitted to the international competition!

Check out Wiki Loves Earth Wikipedia page to learn more about the competition.


Participate in Wiki Loves Earth & get a chance to win a trip to Cape Town in 2018

You use Wikipedia. We all do. But did you know that Wikipedia doesn’t cover subjects on Pakistan nearly as well as it does on all the other parts of the world? The Wiki Loves Earth is a fun way to change that. The competition asks people across the country to grab a camera and upload photographs related to Pakistan's natural heritage sites.

Participating in Wiki Loves Earth is really easy and straightforward. All you need to register an account on Wikipedia, and start upload the photographs using the "Upload Now" button. Thats it!

Please note the following:

Images with watermarks, copyright symbols and timestamp are not allowed and could disqualify a potential winning entry.

All entries must be original photographs taken by you. Please make sure that you are not uploading someone else’s photos. Contestants as well entries that constitute copyright infringement will be disqualified.

Questions? Press? Need to contact us for any reason?
Shoot us an email at wikilovespak@gmail.com


A panel of photographic experts will select the best 10 entries on the following criteria:

Technical quality of the photograph;

Originality and creativity;

Usefulness & value of the image to Wikipedia;

We recommend you upload your best quality and full resolution photographs to increase your chances of winning.

The Pakistani jury will nominate ten best photos for the international competition, which has its own jury.

The first international winner will win travel scholarship (with a maximum value of $3,000) to attend the Wikipedia conference in Cape Town, South Africa in 2018.

Check out the winning entries from Wiki Loves Earth Pakistan 2015 and Wiki Loves Earth Pakistan 2016 edition.

In 2015, Pakistani photo by Zaeem Siddiq won first place in international Wiki Loves Earth.

Zaeem won the trip to Italy, with paid travel and accommodation expenses.
Check out TV interview with Zaeem Siddiq, talking about winning the contest.